Thursday, August 6, 2009

Should I?

Last 3 years ago, I met with this one man. Starting from that day, he always there for me when I need. Time passed by, we had plan to get married before end of this year.
But, I’m still thinking whether to get married with him or is he will be the beginning of disaster for me in the future…
Well, I know marriage is one of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w sunnah. Those who didn’t get married are none of his umat. But the point is…I don’t want to make any stupid mistake if I take this matter for granted. Look, I have everything that woman desire…a stable career, good income, money in the bank, intelligent, beautiful car, sweet looking, young, healthy, independent…then why should I get married?
Look at my parents, they lived together without love. I saw my mother’s suffered eyes all the time. She didn’t happy with the marriage. One day, I ask her, why you picked a wrong man in your life? However, she just keeps quite. As usual.
Lately, my father beat her with a badminton racket. This is not the first time happen. Now, both of them in a divorce process. As a daughter, I'm loss a respect to my father. His betrayals for almost 10 years really put my mother in depression.For me, their marriage is just a big mistake. I put the blame to my both grandfather for their beginning intention of the marriage. All because of wealth. They don’t want their wealthy falls to unknown people. So they decided to marry their son with closes relatives only. And my mother is Perempuan Melayu Terakhir who will obey whatever her parents say.
In my situation, Of course I won’t let this mistake happen twice. Enough for my mother.
For all you guys out there, if you don’t have any intention to get married with the girl…please quit playing games with their heart. You’ll never know how hard we been through. No wonder woman nowadays is more independent and prefer to be alone.

p/s: Sometimes, it's good to be alone…but it doesn’t make us lonely.


  1. ajal maut..jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan. begitu juga untung nasib kita...Dia yang menentukan. ke hujung dunia sekali pun kita cuba lari dari kenyataan..ia tetap berada dalam episod hidup kita.
    rezki masing2 tidak sama.. Tuhan itu Maha Adil..Dia takkan menguji jika tidak bersebab. Doakan ketabahan dan keimanan ibu izan agar semakin menebal..insya allah balasan syurga untuknya..

  2. Your heart is no good until it has been broken until at least 10 and pain make us human.